about US

The Islamic Institute of palm beach county is dedicated to the service of Allah (SWT) by serving the Muslim community. Our mission is focused on helping our community grow in faith and action through the dissemination of Islamic knowledge. 

What do we offer...


Saturday Islamic school

We welcome all children above the age of 6 boys and girls to come join our weekend Islamic school.


Quran class

We start off our student with teaching them Qaida nooraniya so they can be independent in reading the Quran .



Islamic Education

Students are taught Islamic studies to understand basic pillars of Islam.

Our Mission

Since the opening of Masjid Al Firdaus, the mission was and still is to be a community center for Muslims in Palm Beach County.



To empower the Muslim youth and adults in the South Florida area.


– Unity

– Compassion 

– Mercy

– Solidarity 

– Justice

– Moderation

– Equality

– Brotherhood

Terrorism and Violence

Terrorism is not a religious identity, rather it is a horrific behavior often justified by misapplied religious dogma. IIOPBC, in accordance to its sole purpose and understanding of Islam, stands firm on the condemnation of all forms and acts of terrorism. The ill acts of a few misguided individuals shall not be viewed as the mainstream of Islam and Muslims. It is not sufficient to condemn terrorist activities after they happen. Muslims must be vigilant in implementing programs and sedulous in pursuing goals that build a proper understanding of Islam and subvert any terrorist activities anywhere. To promote bigotry against Islam, hate mongers exploit the legitimate concerns of the American people about terrorism. Anti-Muslim rhetoric’s compares in its claims and tactics to Anti-Semitism. Thus people of honesty and integrity of all faith traditions, especially the Abrahamic faiths, must stand united against all forms of prejudice, hatred, pernicious accusations and discrimination. The safety and security of the Muslim community is an indivisible part of the safety and security of the entire community and therefore, it is the right and responsibility of the whole community at large.


IIOPBCis not associated with any political, industrial, humanitarian, militant, or governmental entities, neither domestically nor internationally. IIOPBC systematically and categorically distances itself from any individuals, groups or organizations shall they be officially considered anti-American by the US government. IIOPBC does not endorse any political directions or views.

Current Services

IIOPBC is open around the clock providing the five daily prayers, Jumma prayers, weekend programs for children, adults and families. 

Islamic School

IIOPBC’S Islamic School, currently offers Saturday islamic classes for kids 6-18 of age

From 10am – 1:30pm

Outreach and Interfaith

Since its inception, IIOPBC encourages involvement in outreach and interfaith activities It is with the understanding that the holy Quran in chapter 5:48 provides the framework for cooperation among Abrahamic Faiths, that IIOPBC has been open for all religious-based schools and organizations to visit its sites and facilities and share friendly religious dialogue. 


IIOPBC strives to provide a safe and healthy environment to its community. Should anyone have any concerns, please report it to IIOPBC immediately.